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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Press Event at Dana Centre, 10/17/06

Finally, after my return from my London trip, I'm finding the time to properly blog some photos and my reflections on the Fairground: Thrill Laboratory events. I may repeat some things I blogged in my earlier posts.

Bright and early on my first full day in London, I went to a press event at the Dana Centre. The Miami Trip ride was our guest of honor for the first few nights, and members of the press vied for the chance to ride it while wearing the telemetry rig.

Here's Brendan Walker, the creator of the event, holding the telemetry jacket for a reporter.

The reporter being "kitted out". The jacket contained monitors for heart and breathing rates, and an accelorometer to measure g-forces, as well as various Wi-Fi and Bluetooth widgets to transmit the signal to the audience.

Now she's wearing the helmet, with its tiny infra-red camera pointed at her face. This allows the audience to see to see facial expressions of the test subjects.

Here she is, no doubt feeling a bit Bridget Jones, on the ride.

When we were nearly finished, this tabloid twerp finally got his chance to ride, after whining that there were very few other passengers left to ride with him, so his photos would look bad. I got the distinct impression that he was one of the runts of the press litter, and was used to being last in line -- and was not the sort to take that gracefully.

Here's Brendan with the press officer for the Science Museum, Lauren Gildersleve.