Omnibus Book Tour

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rode the London Eye yesterday!

The trick to getting pictures of yourself when you are travelling alone is, look around for couples who are taking snaps of each other, and ask, "Would you like a picture of the two of you together?" They'll gladly take your picture if you offer first to take theirs.

Gorgeous, isn't it? What an engineering feat. I hope it's there forever.

Here's one of the capsules. They are self-righting, and use a mechanical system to keep upright, rather than using gravity, like most Ferris Wheels. During the early tests, a couple of the capsules locked, and British Airways had to delay opening day (New Year's, 2000) until everything was operational.

If it can be said to have a theme, it's civil avation. I guess calling your ride on a great wheel a "flight" and your ticket a "boarding pass" would qualify as theming...

The drive wheels. This is the same principle as any fairground "Big Eli" wheel, just on a much grander scale.