Omnibus Book Tour

Saturday, July 31, 2004

California Tour

So, here's what I'm thinking -- and don't mind me, I'm half talking to myself as I work this idea through. Starting in mid-October, I head down the coast from Portland . I hit the Bay Area and do a reading with a pal who is writing a book on Disneyland (and who shall, for the moment, remain nameless), Then a couple more stops on the way down to Southern California, where I do a reading with another pal, who is writing a book about Knott's Berry Farm -- and if I'm lucky, I'll recruit yet another pal who has self-published a book about dark rides. Hit Knott's for their annual Halloween Haunt. Visit the parents and my brother in San Diego, and go with him up to Six Flags for some serious thrill-riding.

Yeah, I like that. Then I'll do the Pennsylvania tour in the late Spring.