Omnibus Book Tour

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My Planning Style is Unstoppable!

Well, no, not really.

I'm pretty much giving up on attempting the PA tour until next year. There's just no way I can get an organized tour booked in four weeks -- and there is a deadline, because the parks will only be open weekends after that. I got some people interested, but I was too late to get on their current schedule, and they'll still be interested later. So, live and learn. It's a much better plan to try to do a whole month in PA during the late Spring and early Summer.

Meanwhile, I'm going to shift gears and try to do a California tour in the Fall. I can do Knott's Scary Farm (and ride my favorite roller coaster, Ghost Rider), visit the family in San Diego, go to Six Flags with my brother, hang out with friends in the Bay Area...

(Note to self -- remember to buy annual passes at Knott's, which I can use at Cedar Point next year.)